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Meditation Cushion Set Tan Corduroy

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Good choice my friend, you've found the whole kit and kaboodle. If meditation is your jam, you're in the right place. This luxe set comes with a gorgeous Round Meditation Cushion and it's friend the Meditation Mat Floor Cushion in your chosen matchy matchy Tan Corduroy. 

Ultimate Slow Mo Meditation Set Contains:


1. Place the Round Meditation Cushion on top of the Meditation Mat flat and sit cross legged all the way to enlightenment. 

2. Sit & stay. Read a book, have a cuppa. Chillax. 

3. Hop onto the Meditation Mat with the Round Meditation Cushion between your legs as elegantly pictured below by moi. 

4. Sit on top of the Round Meditation Cushion with your feet on top of the Meditation mat, knees pointing to sky. My children call this 'potty pose' (insert third eye-roll here)

5. Use the two together, or many options! 


  • 100% cotton deadstock corduroy so you can be cozy and relish those vintage vibes
  • Comfy!
  • Covers are removable and washable, so wine and tea drinking is permitted
  • Both have handles and you have two hands, so easy to grab and go if you need to find a room with more privacy and less pets/children/partners
  • Made locally, ethically, sustainably and with care in Sydney, Australia. 


  • Wash outer covers separately from other washing, on cold delicate cycle or handwash and line dry in shade
  • Spot clean inner


Please note the Meditation Mat Floor Cushion insert will come vacuum packed in a reusable vacuum bag due to size and shipping costs. The insert is filled with recycled PET and is a soft/medium density. 

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