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Pre-Order Round Meditation Cushion Pebble Linen


Note: This is on pre-order and will be available to send end June, 22. 

Take a slow mo to breathe, reset and connect with The Slow Mo Co Round Meditation Cushion. Comfy, minimalist design to allow you to sit and stay a while whether you're meditating or sipping tea/cocktails (no judgement here).

They say meditating even for 2 minutes a day can give you the space to be less reactive throughout your day. Do you need a meditation cushion to do this? No, but it's a luxury your future self will thank you for. 

Beautiful, luxe and minimalist, our products are designed to last and look sexy in your home rather than stored in a dusty cupboard. Seeing the cushion as you reach for the remote will remind you to take that daily slow mo to connect to yourself and your breath. 

The Round Cushion is based on the traditional Zafu shape which helps that computer back to sit tall and your hips to relax.  

Filled with Buckwheat hulls which contour to your body and support your seat bones (aka butt). 


There are a a few options to suit different bodies.

1. Sit cross legged with your hips higher than your knees. You don't want no pins and needles.

2. Kneel with the cushion on it's side, between your thighs. 

3. For the ultimate zen experience, check out the Meditation Set which includes the Meditation Mat Zabuton for additional knee and hip support. 

  • 100% deadstock linen so you can recreate that expensive retreat vibe
  • Perfect weight and density for your pleasure
  • Cover is removable and washable, so wine and tea drinking is permitted
  • Handle to grab and go if you need to find a room with more privacy and less pets/children/partners
  • Unzip the inner to remove or add buckwheat to suit your preference if you're a fuss pot.


  • 40cm wide x 17cm high
  • 3kg
  • 100% cotton inner
  • Filled with 100% Australian Buckwheat hulls
  • Made locally, ethically, sustainably and with care in Sydney, Australia. 


  • Wash separately 
  • Wash outer cover on cold delicate cycle or handwash and line dry in shade
  • Spot clean inner


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