Why buckwheat hulls?

I chose to fill my bolsters with buckwheat for a few reasons:

1. Sustainability

Buckwheat hulls are a bi-product of buckwheat production. This is a natural and renewable product and is sourced from Parkes, NSW with sustainable farming practices. Keeping it in Australia! 

2. Plant based and Low Tox

Commonly used bolster fillings include wool, recycled plastic bottle fibre and polyester. Buckwheat hulls are a great alternative that is not only plant based but low tox. It's also hypoallergenic and did I mention it smells Earthy and divine? 

3. Goldilocks Approved Comfort

The buckwheat hulls mould to the contours of your body, making them the perfect filling for yoga bolsters. The inner of the bolster has a zip which means you can carefully remove some bulk if you prefer a softer bolster, all bodies are unique! You can even buy some replacement hulls from the website if you'd like to top it up over time ensuring your bolster lives a long life.  

Buckwheat hulls

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