What does 'slow' look like to a busy working Mum in Sydney?

Do you live on a picturesque farm growing your own organic produce as you calmly homeschool your children and bake fresh sourdough daily? Nope? Me neither.

I live in Inner Sydney, work from home full time and gladly send my kids to school each day. I have too many hobbies, watch too much tv and do 6am bootcamp 🏃‍♀️

None of these things seem 'slow' which is part of The Slow Mo Co's ethos, yet I manage to have pockets of slow in my daily routine. I know that living slowly, more mindfully and with more gratitude can improve my mental health and overall wellbeing. So, here are a few ways I fit 'slow moments' into my busy daily routine. 


- I try to wake before the rest of the house most mornings to have time to myself to meditate and exercise 🧘‍♀️

- Hubby and I try to have coffee together (sans kids) most mornings. This might be one on our balcony at home or go to the local coffee shop once we've dropped the kids off at school. Yes, we let our kids watch tv while we're on the balcony to get some 'us' time ❤️

- I take our dog for a long walk every morning by the water 🐶


- I love listening to music while we cook dinner. On weekends we'll put some vinyl on and have a glass of vino. 

- We eat dinner as a family at the dining table most nights to chat about our days and reconnect.

- I try to only watch T.V. Thurs-Sun so the other nights are free for hobbies like sewing, reading, yin yoga or early bed. 

Note: I've overused the word 'try' because it's not always the reality! Please take some of these simple tips to 'try' and put a little bit of slow into your life. Living slowly can look different for everyone, and my list may send your eyes rolling and that's cool. You do you and hopefully you'll find something that suits your lifestyle. I'd love to hear how you go, send me a DM on Insta. 

P.S. As you read this, I would advise you dust off your Jack Johnson albums as he is amazing and will make you feel all the slow vibes as your worries wash away 🌴

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