The Making Process

Making products locally, ethically and sustainably is my passion. I love that all of my suppliers and makers are within a 10km radius of my home, except the buckwheat which comes from Parkes, NSW. 

This is my process for making a new product:

1. Source inspiration and sketch ideas. Chat to potential customers about what they want/need in the product. 

2. Make a sample to test and show to potential customers and get feedback. 

3. Once the final design is worked out, chat to my maker and make a pattern. 

4. Source deadstock fabric and sustainable materials that will produce the most beautiful product. 

5. My maker will cut the fabric, keeping scraps for future products and produce small quantities to test in the market to minimise excess.

6. My photographer and I will work together to produce some beautiful shots to put up on the website and it will be time for marketing and selling!

I've got a few exciting new products in the works at the moment. Can't wait to see how you like them!  

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